20 – 25 Hour Position (see Notes below)

Family Faith Program Coordinator: (GIFT, Gathering in Faith Together)

Create a schedule of monthly programs from widely available publishing houses

  • Program meets monthly on Sundays
    • Two sessions following morning or evening celebration of Mass
  •  Programming must follow logical progression session to session and year to year based on best catechetical and evangelizing practices
  • Work with Pastor and Priest to developing programs for sessions.

Form and work with core team to facilitate program

  •  Integrate Sacramental preparation into scheme of presentations.

(see below)

  •   Utilize existing technology to enhance presentations.

Maintain existing core of Catechists, greeters, environment creators, and kitchen crew and recruit new volunteers when necessary, (with the help of the pastor)

  • Prepare  Catechists for age-based  “break-out sessions”

Coordinate registration

  • Format letters and mailings
  • Collect Sacramental Certificates and Permissions (if needed)

Leverage electronic and social media for communication

  •   Program Website Editor
  • Discern which platforms are most effective.

Hold families accountable to program via attendance logs

First Communion/First Penance Preparation

  • Administer supplemental program to GIFT specifically geared toward preparation for First Holy Communion (1x per month)
  • Catechize children through Gift and supplemental programming
  • Organize First Penance with Pastor
  • Work with parish staff on the following:

Acquire Baptismal Certificates (and permissions if necessary)
Order Robes for First Communion
Organize First Communion Mass
Create Certificates
Notify church of Baptism of sacrament

Confirmation-Specific Preparation

  • Schedule and conduct interviews with candidates and parents/guardians to discern readiness for the program/process.
  • Administer supplemental program to GIFT specifically geared toward preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  (Levels I and II, 8th and 9th grades respectively, 1x per month)
  • Catechize confirmandi and parents together
  • Establish service requirements and keep accurate records of completion.  
  • Create and act as clearing house of service opportunities that are available such as the children’s fair, liturgical participation, etc.
  • Facilitate two retreat opportunities.   One ½ day retreat for Confirmation I and a full day retreat for Confirmation II.   (Through Cape Cod ECHO or similar)
  • Monitor and record all requirements for Confirmation I and II including service, retreats, and projects.
  • Work with parish staff on the following:

Confirmation rehearsals and Confirmation Mass.
Create Certificates for Confirmands
Work with Office assistant on Baptismal certificates and sponsor certificates
Facilitate the recording of Confirmation in PDS and Confirmation book
Notify church of Baptism of sacrament


  1.  Those with Catholic Theology degrees may consider the alternative, full-time position “Life Long Faith Formation Coordinator” on this website.
  •  Salary commensurate to experience and/or qualifications
  •  Hours will be seasonally variable and negotiable.
  •  Please send resume to Our Lady of Victory, 230 S. Main St. Centerville MA, 02632