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Let Your Voice Be Heard – Again
“Say No to ROE”

The state legislature has extended the session until January 5th, 2021. Please remind the members of the Joint Committee on Judiciary that you oppose the expansion of abortion in Massachusetts. Please call the Committee at 617-722-2396 and let them know you are opposed to H3320 and S1209 – the ROE legislation. Every telephone call helps! Remember these bills would remove:

  • The requirement that young girls obtain consent before an abortion
  • The requirement that efforts be made to save a living baby who survives abortion
  • The requirement that late term abortions be performed in hospitals
  • And the bills would allow abortion on demand for all nine months of pregnancy

For more information about how the ROE legislation would expand abortion in Massachusetts visit Thank you!

Reverendísimo Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., D.D.
Reverendísimo Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., D.D.
The Bishop of Fall River