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National Catholic Sisters Week Begins

Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14 2021, shines a light on the spirituality, mission, and community building of women religious. The week is an annual nationwide celebration that began in 2014 to honor women religious with a series of events that instruct, enlighten and bring greater focus on the lives of these incredible women. It is an opportunity to recognize all that they do, with the hope that as more young women learn about women religious, more will choose to follow their example.

Fifty-two weeks a year women religious stand with the poor and immigrants, teach children, fight injustice, heal the sick, share spirituality, empower women, defend the planet, promote peace, create community, offer hope … 

But for one week, March 8-14, the spotlight is on women religious and encouraged are a wide range of campaigns and events that invite all who follow Jesus to

  • expand and support their gospel witness
  • grow the service networks they have seeded
  • share their spirituality, charisms, and community
  • encourage young women to consider a vocation to religious life
  • support their pastoral, teaching and prophetic works
  • and focus on the new world they call into being.

Click to learn more about Catholic Sisters Week

An online Prayer Service to honor and celebrate Catholic Sisters will take place as part of the Catholic Sisters Week at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 10. All are invited to participate; Please click to register.