Reports to



10-15 hours per week

Personnel Supervised

The Facilities Manager will supervise all custodial personnel and be responsible for selecting and managing outside contractors hired to maintain or upgrade the parish property.

Position Function

Maintain all buildings and grounds of St. Francis Xavier church. Oversee any and all upgrades or improvements.

Job Operation/Elements

Job Duties:

  • In concert with part-time custodian and volunteers, cleaning of building to ensure that the cleanliness of the church is maintained to a high standard.
  • Shoveling and snow-blowing of snow on walkways and stairs. Hire and manage snow plow and shoveling contractors to ensure that parking lots are maintained in a safe condition at all times during the winter months.
  • Regular ‘walk-around’ inspections of buildings and grounds to proactively identify and resolve maintenance or safety issues.
  • Supervise and schedule outside contractors.
  • Ensure that the landscaping of the property is maintained. Seasonal cutting and trimming of grass, leaf removal, planting and weeding.
  • Inspection, monitoring, and maintenance of the electrical, HVAC and water systems to ensure all safety requirements are in compliance.
  • Create job specifications related to the rehabilitation and repairs within the physical plant.
  • Manage outside contractors/bids for maintenance or upgrades to parish property.
  • Manage all maintenance records.
  • Maintain AEDs and First Aid boxes.
  • As needed, coordinate and supervise volunteers.
  • Manages and log record of equipment performance, maintenance scheduling and service contracts
  • Maintains compliance with OSHA and other safety codes.
  • Responsible for procuring parts and equipment, manages equipment warranties and insurance claims.
  • Work with the Pastor/Administrator and Diocesan staff on construction and/or renovation projects to ensure adherence to policies and procedures
  • Consult with the Risk Management Department on safety and insurance-related issues.
  • Interact with local officials to ensure permits and licenses are in order.

Perform other duties as required.

Physical Demands

Ability to lift up to 20 pounds

Work Environment/Conditions

This position consists of office and on-site work, some of which may require the incumbent to work outside in any type of weather to insure the cleanliness, safety, security and integrity of the property.

Supervisory Responsibility

The incumbent will be required to supervise custodial personnel as well as outside contractors hired to repair, maintain or improve the facilities of the parish.

Please submit your inquiries to Rev. Ryan Healy, Pastor, St. Francis Xavier Parish. Email:; Parish Phone: (508)-995-7600.