All Walks of Life

Whoever you are, wherever you go, and wherever you’ve been, you will always have a home in Jesus Christ. The doors of our Church and the arms of our faith community are open to all seeking God’s love. Let go of your burdens, gather support, and find new hope in the Living and merciful God, our Lord Jesus.

Mirroring the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church is committed to receiving individuals from all backgrounds with open arms. We welcome those who feel lost and a need to an encounter with the love Jesus Christ through our Church. We embrace those with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, by being an extension of God’s goodness in our communities.

Because I’m fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and assist people from all walks of life. One experience very dear to my heart was meeting a Brazilian man and his family four years ago.

Finding a Home

Pedro Godoy, his wife, and their two daughters, immigrated from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to the US. Pedro is a great devout Catholic man and was eager to become involved in the Catholic Church in Fall River. I introduced him to the local Brazilian community, where he quickly shone. Immigration is dear to our Bishop’s heart, and he has enjoyed watching Pedro become one with the Church, helping with masses, baptisms, catechisms, and liturgies. It has been my pleasure to experience Pedro and his family thrive.

The beauty of the Catholic Church is that we’re here to help everyone. Whether it’s immigrants like Pedro or the moms I walk with, our priority is to say yes to life. On a personal level, I consider my proficiency in languages to be a gift from God. When He gives you a talent, use it and he’ll multiply it, as he did for stewards like we see in the life of the prophets in the Scriptures as well as in St. Mother Teresa’s mission.

Irina Robinson
Irina Robinson
Family and Respect Life Director