We come from all walks of life. Our dreams, experiences, and backgrounds are unique to each of us. But as we navigate life’s triumphs and challenges, inevitably our paths intersect on a common road to holiness—one filled with love, purpose, and a sense of unity in Jesus Christ. Today’s world often seems divided and thirsty for the source of leaving waters, our Lord Jesus Christ. But as a faith community, we overcome differences to support one another in our union with God as we walk life’s journey together.

Together in Christ

At its core, the Catholic faith is about worshiping the Living God according to the Truth revealed through and in Jesus Christ. During His earthly ministry, Jesus always encountered individuals in the messiness of their lives, but He didn’t leave them there. He called them out of their fears, their failures, and their sinfulness to the fullness of life and love in relationship with Himself in and through His Church.

The goal of Walking with Moms in Need is to continue this ministry of Jesus Christ, journeying with expectant mothers in difficult situations, not only assisting them in their material needs but their spiritual needs as well, inviting them to an encounter with Jesus and His Bride the Church.

Together We Serve

For me, that journey led to my involvement in the Walking with Moms in Need program, designed to support pregnant and parenting woman who face challenging circumstances. The program was originally meant as a one-year project. Because of its response, it’s become an ongoing initiative. And we don’t only serve Catholics—we’re here to help anyone in need. In fact, 99% of the women we help aren’t Catholic.

Together as One Family

Like the name suggests, we’re walking with moms in need, but we’re also walking with their families. Those involved are there for these mothers emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Roughly 60% of women contemplating an abortion do so due to financial hardships. We’re working to turn that around by supporting them before, during, and after a baby’s arrival. Through Prayer support, donations, and volunteers, we’re able to assist them with everything from baby items, clothing, cribs, and rides to doctor appointments. Working together, we’re promoting the culture of life from conception to natural death.

Besides the Walking with Moms in Need program, we offer At The Table, a diocesan Marriage preparation program. Clergy refer engaged couples preparing for marriage to register for the sessions, addition to FOCCUS inventory and counseling done at the parish. Couples are matched with local mentor couples from varying backgrounds and parishes. We also offer talks, programs, and resources to help families to start building their domestic Church. We also hold youth events throughout the year to educate young people on topics such as personhood, chastity, and the sanctity of life from conception to natural end of life.

Irina Robinson
Irina Robinson
Family and Respect Life Director