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Our Mission
As our Church continues to face change and other obstacles, we provide ongoing support, guidance, and advice to our parishes and diocesan entities so they can create and implement long-term planning. By working together with clergy, parish staff, and other volunteer laity, we hope to ensure stronger and more vibrant parishes for future generations.
About Us

In March 2018, Bishop da Cunha introduced a new vision for the future of the Diocese, including a focus on strategic planning. Recognizing that the landscape and culture of society were shifting, thus impacting the functionality and vibrancy of the Catholic Church, Bishop da Cunha set forth on a path with three goals in mind: to revitalize our parishes; to renew our ministries; and to strengthen support for our clergy.

The needs of our parishes and ministries differ significantly and each carry with it a level of complexity that is hard to predict or categorize. In an ever-changing world, our Church must be able to pivot and plan as best as we can. Our office is a go-to resource for guidance, problem-solving, and support to all parishes and ministries as they navigate uncertainty, or when they need a new perspective to move forward in faith and hope.

Similarly, our clergy face varying and complex issues and experiences as they work in service to Christ and His Church. It is of paramount importance that our clergy is engaged and supported while leading strategic planning initiatives. Our office is here to partner with clergy as they shepherd their parishioners, parishes, and ministries through transformative change.

The Diocese of Fall River serves more than 260,000 Catholics, 70 parish communities, 21 Catholic schools, and countless ministries throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and The Islands. To ensure that we all are working as one, there must be diligent and dependable support from the Diocese itself. Our office serves the planning needs of all parishes and many entities within the Diocese of Fall River.

Strategic and Pastoral Planning